Tukatech-Sowtex Partnership Offers Digital Design and Development Platform


The Sowtex Design Lab will combine Tukatech’s 3D viewer to enable designers, apparel manufacturers and fashion brands to make the sampling process quick and easy. | Image courtesy of Tukatech

fashion tech companies Tukatech and Sowtex have partnered to create a 3D visualization and design lab solution that will reduce time spent on sampling processes. Launching July 8 across Asia, this digital platform enables everyone in the supply chain to work together with real data.

According to Sowtex founder Sonil Jain, the new process provides tools for users to design, develop, approve, share, sell and produce goods.

“[The technology solution will] reduce sample turnaround time from weeks to hours,” Jain said. “The Sowtex Design Lab, comprised of realistic digital samples from over 10,000 global textile manufacturers, will combine Tukatech’s 3D viewer to enable designers, apparel manufacturers, fashion brands, fabric and trim manufacturers and resellers to make the design and sampling process quick and easy. ”

Gurgaon, Sowtex in India serves as a business-to-business marketplace with over 10,000 verified buyers and sellers. It caught the eye over the past year when it was selected as the 2020 Startup of the Year by Silicon India. With smart tools and Internet of Things solutions, the company offers options such as design discovery, ready stock and lead generation.

Through a partnership with Los Angeles-based Tukatech, which provides fashion design software, virtual product development, cloud collaboration, marker-making tools and cutting room machines, Sowtex will streamline its process, for greater efficiency. The Sowtex Materials Catalog provides access to thousands of trims and fabrics in a number of Pantone colors through its online space. For users of the platform, Tukatech also offers its library of ready-made 3D garments or designs adapted to an existing model that a user wants to adapt the styles to. With Tuka3D Designer Edition, before creating a physical sample, users can view fabrics and trims in 2D/3D garments.

“Since the average industry adoption rate is around 15%, a large number of physical samples end up in landfill,” said Ram Sareen, the founder of Tukatech. “We are grateful to partner with Sowtex for disruptive technologies and innovative solutions for businesses in the Asia region.”


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