Uber lobby’s digital art experience “marks a culture shift”



A new two-story digital art experience in the lobby of Uber’s Mission Bay San Francisco campus is part of a renovation project that would mark a shift in the culture of the ridesharing app company. The lobby installation was designed by Brooklyn-based design firm Hush Studios with Electrosonic as a technology partner.

The Stream art installation, which spans the lobby and ceiling of an adjacent hallway, combines bespoke lighting and sound design, as well as interactive content, incorporating local driver stories and global data. . Designed to translate the company’s mission into a dynamic experience for employees, guests and partners, the facility serves as a model for other Uber offices, where scaled-down versions are installed.

Work on The Stream spanned over three years from initial experience strategy to design to final delivery, and was completed at the height of the pandemic.

When the project started in 2018, Uber was undergoing a culture shift, Tracie Kelly, director of corporate real estate and the company’s workplace, told Inc. magazine. “We had a new CEO, a new head of marketing and branding, and there was a lot of energy to reshape the way we express ourselves, not only internally to our employees but also externally, ”she said.

The Stream symbolizes the core value of the movement of the company, “whether it is rides or goods and products, or simply the movement of ideas and the constant creation that we hope to achieve in the company”.

In addition to his work on The Stream, Hush Studios has worked for a number of prestigious Silicon Valley clients and companies, including Facebook, Nike and IBM.

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