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Darren Dobson, senior in new media art, incorporates different types of themes, colors, shapes and sizes to find their colorful voice and express that voice through digital art.

“I’ve always been an artist,” Dobson said. “I didn’t feel like I had a voice until a year ago.”

Dobson started drawing and designing digital art in 2011, and in 2013 they started selling art to various clients across Denton.

“I knew I always liked the color, the shapes and the patterns,” Dobson said. “But I didn’t know I would be able to create a distinct style for myself.”

They have found their place as a digital designer and have received likes and followings from over 4,500 people on Instagram (@darren_designs) and Twitter (@DarrenDesigns_).

“The pandemic is a huge determining factor for me to decide to take this more seriously,” Dobson said. “I want to put in more time and dedication, put everything in there so that I can make a business out of it, a livelihood.”

Dobson said they fear turning artwork into a form of income for fear of making it a chore, rather than a form of self-expression.

“I don’t know what I think about money and art,” Dobson said. “Personally, I wouldn’t even want to make money if I didn’t have to, but because we live in this world, I have to.”

Dobson’s friends have shown support for their designs, talents and the growth of their business.

“Their talent is not limited to their artistic abilities,” said Claudia Bastos, junior in communications design. “They are also incredibly business and marketing oriented. They don’t lose sight of their goals as a creator.

Dobsonian clients have enjoyed following their growth since their early days, such as former UNT Lorne Mayes.

“Darren’s vibrant art always brings a smile to my face,” Mayes said. “I also like to see the evolution of their pieces. I have one of their mushroom stickers on my water bottle, and can’t wait to own and frame one of their art prints.

Dobson recently purchased a book to help inspire their work and will be looking at color schemes, compositions, and other mediums to help start new pieces. Their process of creating a room starts with drawing and then continues to add coloring to complete it.

Dobson uses platforms such as Adobe Suite, Procreate, and iPad apps to create designs. When designing a room, they get lost in the artwork and can draw for hours on end, fueling a sense of happiness in them, they said.

“It calms me down,” Dobson said. “I don’t feel stressed out when I do it. It’s not easy, but because of how I feel, it doesn’t irritate me. “

They said that as an artist they feel compelled to talk about their personal experiences and issues in their work, but they look to other outlets for this type of expression.

“My art can be the only place where I’m free to do whatever I want,” Dobson said. “It is my space that is outside of the world I live in – it is a haven of peace.”

In the future, Dobson hopes to embark on photography work and integrate it into pieces to immerse himself further in the world of design.

Courtesy of Darren Dobson



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